Hot Plate Stirrer

Hotplate stirrer 10000ml Digital

Hotplate stirrer 10000ml Digital
Hotplate stirrer 10000ml Digital

Hotplate stirrer 10000ml Digital    Hotplate stirrer 10000ml Digital

Based on Common sense & Empathy. 99% of our glass is NOT Made in China. Please factor this into your considerations, as often Chinese Glassware, is thin, bad quality, and cheap. Hotplate Stirrer (2016 Model) _ Hotplate now has white ceramic Top plate as seen below.

Comes with stand, boss head, thermocouple, inner and outer plus 1 x stir bars, power cord etc. Full Digital intelligent Control of heating and stirring. (just wait till you see this puppy in action).

2280 x 280 mm Surface Plate. Capacity 50ml- 10000ml / 240v/ 750 watts. In Summary, this device can be programmed with your spin speed, and your heat setting, by entering your numbers into it. Never have you seen such fine control of heat and stir settings, making this device, unbelievably valuable in the lab.

You can set it for specific Temps, and even use it as a make shift Oil bath or Water both, with full thermostatic control. We have learnt a lot again, this year, and have sampled lots of products from manufacturers all over the world. Believe me, there is a lot of crap out there. And it is our mission, to sort through them all, and find the best. Believe it or not, we do listen to our customers, and from our feedback, customers have led us to this Model.

We are just so proud to release our first product branded with our companies name etc. Basically, this is a top of the line, full digital, high precision, and University style mag hotplate stirrer. No expense has been spared, but most of all, reliability and workmanship has been dramatically increased.

I think, from my experience, that a good product is not a cheap product. But also, a good product does not have to be an expensive product. A good way for us to assess quality, besides testing is to actually open up one of these stirrers, and take it apart, and then put it back together again. By looking at all connections, and materials used, you can get a fairly good idea, if the product, is reliable, or if it is just too fragile, to release to the general public.

It may not hurt to mention, that they only make Hotplate stirrers and closely related products. And I now that you will be too.

I mean, forget those old ceramic, or metal topped hotplate stirrers, with only two knobs, and prepare yourself, for the the all glass hotplate, with programmable stirrer speed, and heating feedback, to keep everything the temp you want it. You also have the option of not using an external probe, and just the internal one, which is very useful for some operations. When items are out of stock, we will endeavor to get your product to you, at any cost. This may mean we may import from China, if necessary. Do not worry, we have glassblowers there that work for us, and the quality is excellent. IT is important to know, that in general, and especially to most buyers, that most glassware from china, is of either extremely poor quality, or if you are super lucky, it may be acceptable. We personally work with glassblowers around the world, and the stereotype, while unfair, is not always true. There are excellent glassblowers in china; You just have to know where to look, and that is what we specialize in. This will probably never effect you, but there is.

01 % chance that we may be out of stock, and if this concerns you , just message me before hand. Model is constantly upgraded so aesthetics and function are constantly changing and improved. Item may look different from photo.

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Hotplate stirrer 10000ml Digital    Hotplate stirrer 10000ml Digital