Hot Plate Stirrer

Hotplate stirrer Oil bath

Hotplate stirrer Oil bath

Hotplate stirrer Oil bath   Hotplate stirrer Oil bath

Based on Common sense & Empathy. Our glass is NOT Made in China. Please factor this into your considerations, as often Chinese Glassware, is thin, bad quality, and cheap.

Hotplate Stirrer / Oil Bath / Water. Get crazy, the future has brought us gifts.

This item is made to order. Model is constantly upgraded so aesthetics and function are constantly changing and improved.

After getting one for myself, I see this device as real game changer. Its just like a mantle, yet, you can put any flask into it from 50ml to 2000ml. The OIl acts as good insulation, for the incredible 700W of power. You have to see this thing to believe it.

It has 2 probes, both removeable, that measure not only your actual solution, but also the bath temp. So basically it is one of the most practival flask heaters that I have seen thus far.

Mantles are usually built for one intended size, and hotplate stirrers, really are for beakers, and low temp distillations, etc. Get a comparison quote of one of these from anyone else than us, and see how the price, is double or triple.

2000ml flask capacity/ 500ml Oil is required. 1000ml flask capacity/ 1000ml Oil is required. Heats 1.5 litres of cold chilled water 10c up to 80c in 15 minutes. 190mm Diameter Bath 90mm Depth. Temp Range ambient to 260c (you don't to heat oil hotter than this anyway).

Capacity 1000ml stirring capacity/ 240v/ 700 watts. Comes with stand , boss head, thermal sensors (internal & External) plus 2 x stirr bars, power cord etc.

Now the fun stuff: In Summary, this device is the ultimate solution to Organic Chemistry heating and stirring, whilst using an OIL BATH. ITs not a mantle, so its not subject to EUD's and so forth, but its real beauty is constant uniform heating via the oil bath, plus stirring.

These are fully programmable with spin and heat settings. So no hotspots, just good ol fashioned oil bath reliability with full on Intelligent control, over stirring and heating. We are more than proud of these devices, and know they will be of critical use to all people that love chemistry, and science, Here in Australia. These are probably the first of such devices to hit our shores, so we all should be humbled that these things actually exist.

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Hotplate stirrer Oil bath   Hotplate stirrer Oil bath