Hot Plate Stirrer

Scientific (1/7)

  • Fisher Scientific Isotemp Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate Model 11-600-16sh
  • Benchmark Scientific Digital Hotplate H3760-h, 115v, New
  • Fisher Scientific 1152049h Hot Plate
  • Torrey Pines Scientific Hp30a Premium Digital Hot Plate 8 X 8 Plate Scratch
  • New Laboratory Scientific Hotplate Digital Up To 380°c From Sydney
  • Thermo Hot Plate Stirrer Cimarec+ Magnetic Sp88854100 4x 4 120v Scientific
  • Thermo Scientific S131125q Cimarec Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate With Led Nib
  • Fisher Scientific 11-700 49shq Aluminum 7x7 Hot Plate Stirrer
  • Fisher Scientific Isotemp Digital Hot Plate Stirrer Sp88857200
  • Thermo Scientific Cimarec Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Sp131015
  • Thermo Scientific Sp135935 Super Nuovo Multi-place Stirrer Hot Plate
  • Thermo Scientific Cimarec Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Sp131325 Powers On